Former Philadelphia Eagle Herb Lusk…

We are thrilled to have a dear friend and brother in Christ be on the air with John Yoast this morning!
Former Philadelphia Eagle Herb Lusk will be sharing some insights as a former Eagle, Pastor and Lead Chaplin for the Philadelphia Eagles.
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Congratulations to Focus on the Family celebrating their 40th Anniversary!

Congratulations to the ministry Focus on the Family, which celebrated it’s 40th anniversary this past weekend with a celebratory gathering at it’s headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO.

The ministry, founded in 1977 by Dr. James Dobson, has long been one of the nation’s leading voices for biblical family values. It’s radio program, which goes by the same name and can be heard Monday through Friday on WBYN-FM, is heard on over 3,000 radio facilities in North America and in 27 languages in over 160 countries. The program was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008, and was honored as the 2012 Program of the Year by the National Religious Broadcasters.

Of Focus on the Family’s most influential stances may be it’s strong, biblical anti-abortion position. The ministry has financed ultrasound machine installations in hundreds of pregnancy clinics around the country in an effort to dissuade pregnant women from having an abortion. A 2010 initiative by the ministry has saved the lives of an estimated more than 382,000 preborn babies since it’s inception, by awarding 720 grants.

Of special note during Friday’s 40th anniversary celebration was the presence of a special guest: Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence, a born-again evangelical Christian and strong proponent of traditional marriage and religious freedom, became the first vice president or president to address a gathering at the ministry. He spoke at length about defending the unborn, while telling the crowd that President Donald Trump kept his promise on matters ranging from the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the president’s plans to cut off Planned Parenthood from funding, an organization which is the largest single provider of abortion in the United States.

Pence’s presence apparently came as a pleasant surprise to at least some at Focus on the Family. When asked about the vice president’s accepting the invitation, Paul Batura, the ministry’s vice president of communications, said, “We, frankly, weren’t expecting him to say yes.”

The event did not come without it’s opposition from Satan, however, the adversary of God and His people. The homosexual advocacy group GLAAD protested outside the ministry headquarters during the event, and even took to Facebook, accusing Focus on the Family of fostering “an environment of hostility towards the Colorado Springs LGBTQ community for decades, not to mention its promotion of strict ‘traditional’ gender roles, creationism in public schools, school prayer, and abstinence-only sex education.”

Could it ever be more truly said that we are living in the times spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, who said, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20, ESV)

Boyertown School District Sued Over Locker Room Policy

PHILADELPHIA – A Boyertown Area High School student and his parents have sued the school district for intentionally violating his right to bodily privacy after he was exposed involuntarily to an undressed student of the opposite sex while changing in his school’s locker room. Without any notice to students or parents, the school district secretly opened its schools’ sex-specific restrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex. The male student brought a complaint to school officials, who told him that they now allow students who identify themselves as the opposite sex to choose whichever locker room they wish to use. The male student asked officials to protect his privacy, but they instead told him twice that he must “tolerate” it and make changing with students of the opposite sex as “natural” as he can. Independence Law Center Chief Counsel Randall Wenger is representing the student and his family. The lawsuit claims sexual harassment under Title IX, a federal law; violation of the fundamental right to bodily privacy under the U.S. Constitution; and violation of a state privacy law. You can read the lawsuit by CLICKING HERE.

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