Boyertown School District Sued Over Locker Room Policy

PHILADELPHIA – A Boyertown Area High School student and his parents have sued the school district for intentionally violating his right to bodily privacy after he was exposed involuntarily to an undressed student of the opposite sex while changing in his school’s locker room. Without any notice to students or parents, the school district secretly opened its schools’ sex-specific restrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex. The male student brought a complaint to school officials, who told him that they now allow students who identify themselves as the opposite sex to choose whichever locker room they wish to use. The male student asked officials to protect his privacy, but they instead told him twice that he must “tolerate” it and make changing with students of the opposite sex as “natural” as he can. Independence Law Center Chief Counsel Randall Wenger is representing the student and his family. The lawsuit claims sexual harassment under Title IX, a federal law; violation of the fundamental right to bodily privacy under the U.S. Constitution; and violation of a state privacy law. You can read the lawsuit by CLICKING HERE.

* PODCAST NOW AVAILABLE! It’s Witness Wednesday! Can you use a Rototiller to sow seeds? Meet Ran Birkins!



John Yoast from the mornings needed to find someone to Rototill his garden and do some work at WBYN FM. Where do you look for such a service?

Well, John went to the internet and found an advertisment …

The rest is HIS-story God connected John with Ran Birkins in only a way God can!   

Ran Birkins was in our Studio today and played some of his original songs and we want to share them with you!    Arrow Down Web

  Part 1 Ran Birkins Podcast 8 28 2013       Part 2 Ran Birkins Podcast 8 28 2013

Ran Birkins 08 28 2013Ran Birkins 08 28 2013 with jy

Check out Ran Birkins website and listen to his music! Take a Listen

Ran would be delighted to share his music at your church school or gathering!

Ran Birkins


PO Box 546

Douglassville, PA 19518


“You’ve Got A Friend In Bethlehem”

Watch Clips Now Videos of The original Christmas musical “You’ve Got A Friend In Bethlehem” written by Ran Birkins can be seen HERE! You can read about the musical, plus see videos and pictures, on the “You’ve Got A Friend In Bethlehem”



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Friday, August 9th @7pm Mark Smeby’s 5K Pep Rally Concert of HOPE

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August 10th @ 7:15 am Registration 5K Run/walk & 1 mile run/walk @8:30am.

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Join Mark Smeby along with WBYN FM’s Morning Host John Yoast and Afternoon Host Kathy Piepmeyer for the 5K Run….or maybe walk in our case. 🙂 

Happy 2 Be Home was inspired by two handicapped children, CharlotteCharlotte and NathanNathan. Charlotte became ill in 2009 at age 7 with a rare disease that has left her severely handicapped. In order for Charlotte to live at home again, renovations to her home were required and many friends rallied with financial support.

Charlotte is participating in this year’s 5K event; are you? 

Saturday, August 10th @ 7:00pm
Mark Smeby’s Concert of HOPE
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Listener from Fleetwood Pa Initiates a TGIF Campaign…

While John Yoast is away, the kids will play. So, let’s do John’s job for him as he returns Friday Morning and create his Friday 7:30 – 8:30am playlist. ~ Holly
I vote for Laura Story Blessing and We Are United by the Brooklyn Tab Choir.

  • How ’bout “What Do I Know of Holy” by Addison Road; and “What Love Really Means” by JJ Heller; or even “Man of God” by Craig Smith. Worship … can’t love more than worship to our King!~ Peggy 
  • How about You Are My King (Amazing LoveHank


  • Kathy ~ I’ll vote for “In Christ alone” by Damaris, Steve Green or whoever.

You can post your song HERE!



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